Sunday, March 30, 2008

A little ray of sunshine...

Amazing eh! This is the picture she took in the sunshine, from the deck. Looks like a different place to the grey view a couple of days ago!

It may have been sunny today but the wind chill was vicious. Three hours of walking in the Beech Forest cleared the cobwebs...

She saw dunes:

And the Pilgrim Monument from a distance:

And Race Point and Provincetown Airport (airstrip):

All from the Visitor's centre, shown here on this handy map.

Oh, and by the way I only know any of this because she told me later. She forgot to take me. 'Forgot'. Huh! I bet she was just daydreaming about the quadruped. Shown here drinking water from the tap in the bathroom, the day before we left for America. At least she doesn't have to empty MY litter!

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