Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spring is sprung

Something she really loves about the USA is that they stick to the proper dates for the change of season. For example, Spring starts the day after the March equinox. Not on the first of the month!

She hates this thing that's happened in Australia where we start Autumn on 1st of March and Spring on 1st of September. It wasn't always this way. When she was in primary school, the seasons started on the old fashioned dates of 21/22 ish of March, June, September and December... around solstices and equinoxes.... But all that's changed now and she gets to grit her teeth four times a year when the 'seasons' change. Aaargh!!
Truth is, maybe those dates don't apply in Australia anyway, because apparently our seasons in Australia aren't the same as the four that exist in the northern hemisphere. But she's adamant (you know how she can get) that seasons are about the earth's cycle and not about the convenience of a calendar. And here, in Provincetown, there's no escaping the real seasons, so she gets to be right. Which can make her unbearable (you know how she can get)...

One piece of evidence that spring has sprung is that the crocuses are in bloom. They are a first sign of the new season; they are dotted in gardens all over Provincetown, and she loves 'em.

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