Saturday, August 31, 2013

Singapore in a sock

If you used to read my witty little posts about MZ you know the whole saga. I don't particularly like travelling in a sock... she always puts me in a sock to travel... [yawn]. Nothing's changed, except that this time it was two socks. She tells me that's because she's sick of losing pairs so it was better to have them together. Double the humiliation. Half the logic. I give up.

Packing. I tried to get away...
We're here in Singapore... at the Fairmont, on level 25. The pool is on level 8. I haven't been there but she's there now... so I'm blogging in her absence.

Across the road is Raffles. That famous hotel with the Singapore Sling, which her Lonely Planet guide says is made better by other places, even though it originated at Raffles. She read the ingredients somewhere and realised it's a pretty sweet drink so she's kind of lost interest. Not that she's an expert on cocktails or anything (and they say sarcasm and gnomes don't mix) but looks like that's one type of drink I won't be hanging off on this trip.

So... plane trip was great. I was under the seat in the bag... marginally better than the overhead locker. 7 hour flight from Melbs. She's travelling with her friend Leonie, who is an expert at such things, being in the business of travel...

We got in during the wee smalls... a little nightcap then off to sleepy land. Friday (today) was our first full day and I was brought along for the ride. Fab. She took me out of the sock but the inside of her handbag is all linty, with small pieces of paper, wrappers, pen tops and the perpetual risk of an actual pen job... the surprise markup from a leaking biro is never as fun as it sounds.

My impression [and I acknowledge that this is extremely subjective] is that this is a city of guard rails. Somebody in city planning got a great offer on a job lot of railings and they've plonked them all around the place, painted in a range of (fun!) colours.  I managed to perch on a few of them as we travelled around today:

With Leonie - Marina Bay Sands in the background.
It has a pool in that section at the top of the three pillars.
The view from our room (green railing)

Caught blogging. I must be getting careless in my old age.

Leonie... leading the way...

The Merlion (in the distance) - silver rail this time.

Dragonfly bridge view - pink railing (see what I mean about the railings?)

Supertree grove at the Gardens by the Bay...

Leonie blazing a trail...

Topiary Urangatan

Ferny stuff

Pretty flowers, archway, path, elbow...

Checking out the seemingly suspended sculpture of a baby.
This bloke from The Guardian doesn't think much of it. 

Fishies big and small. That's my out-of-focus cap.
Pictures by amateurs. Great.

Delicious lunch at the end of a very long walk and lots of sights. Great hummus!

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