Monday, September 02, 2013

A glam breakfast

There's a district in Singapore called Kampong Glam, and that's where we all had breakfast this morning, at a cafe called CAD in Haji Lane. A nice little place with Toby's Estate Coffee. Yes, it was a hole in the wall, but the street was super-cool and the coffee was good (though Leonie said hers was a bit hot).

We saw a cat, and Miriam went all google-eyed. She's missing the quadruped apparently...

Oh, and she (Miriam, not the quadruped) tried kopi today, a Singapore approach to coffee. It's thicker, richer, and with cream and sugar or condensed milk also sweeter, but she's sticking to the Western variety for now!

Chillin' with a morning coffee at CAD in Kampong Glam

Yep, pretty cool. Also just around the corner from
two jazz clubs, so cool quotient definitely up there...

Witticism in plant pot. I could not resist and even climbed
up for a better look...
"My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them."

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